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Permits & Licenses




Construction/renovation projects may need to be issued a construction permit. To find out if a permit is required for your project, please call (864) 967-9526 between 9 am and 10 am and ask to speak to one of the building inspectors.


Before permits may be issued, the contractor must complete a sub-contractor list, provide a tax map number, and have the correct address as assigned by E-911. All permits for new construction must be paid by the general contractor.


All contractors and sub-contractors not employed by the main contractor are required to have a busienss license from the City. Contractors located outside the city will pay a business license fee on a per job basis. The total fee shall be paid prior to commencement of work and shall entitle the contractor to complete the job without regard to the normal business license expiration date.


No contractor shall be issued a busienss license until all state and municipal qualifications examination and trade license requirements have been met. Each contractor shall post a sign in plain view of each job identifying the contractor with the job.

Occupancy Permits


Occupancy permits are required for any business in either a new or existing location. These can be obtained at City Hall at 118 N.E. Main Street in Simpsonville. Duke Power will not release power without an occupancy permit from the City. The cost of an occupancy permit is $25.

Business Licenses


Any person or business within the City that receives money in exchange for product or service from any other person or business is required to have a business license. Any sub-contractor that is not employed by the main contractor (does not receive a W2) is required to have a business license.


Business license fees are calculated according to the type of business you have and the gross receipts of the business. The license expires December 31 each year and is to be renewed by April 15 the next year. A renewal application is mailed out in January of each new year to help you with the renewal process. If you are starting a new business you will need to estimate your gross receipts and pay accordingly. Business license renewals will have to furnish an income tax return or other approved form to show proof of gross receipts.


Any home-based business will first need to obtain approval from the Planning and Zoning Director. He may be reached at (864) 967-9526 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.

Permanent signs require a sign a permit, the approval of the Planning and Zoning Director, and a final inspection after the sign has been installed. The sign installer/manufacturer also needs a business license.


Banners and other temporary signs are regulated within the City of Simpsonville. Banners require a permit and must adhere to various requirements within the City's sign ordinance. The cost of a banner permit is $25.


Guide to Permanent Signs


Guide to Temporary Signs


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