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Ordinances are the laws of the City. The City Council adopts ordinances which are then incorporated into the Simpsonville Code of Ordinances. Adoption of an ordinance requires a first and second reading of the proposed ordinance by City Council. Upon final adoption by a vote of City Council, the newly approved ordinance takes effect.


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Code of Ordinances

The Code of Ordinances is a collection of laws enacted in the City of Simpsonville, South Carolina, by the local government.


Zoning Ordinance

A zoning ordinance is the formal codification of land use policies for the City. The Zoning Ordinance regulates the location, size, and use of buildings, structures, and land.


Land Development Regulations

The City's Land Development Regulations contain the standards by which the development of subdivisions within the City limits of Simpsonville are regulated.


Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan is the most basic plan prepared to guide the development of the community. This plan sets forth a vision of how the community should look, function, and grow over the next 10 to 20 years.


Other Ordinances/Plans

From time to time, the Simpsonville City Council adopts other plans and ordinances to guide its laws and decision-making regarding the community.



These ordinances and/or any other documents that appear on this site may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Municipality. These documents are provided for informational purposes only. These documents should not be relied upon as the definitive authority for local legislation.

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